JRH DB2I2TM for DB2/OS390 & zOS


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JRH DB2I2 is a tool for DB2:


JRH DB2I2 offers complete DB2 catalog query and object management. It runs under Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) and uses dynamic SQL to access DB2 catalog and user tables. The tool provides comprehensive function and is interactive, intuitive, and very easy-to-use.

Most importantly, JRH DB2I2 is very cost effective comparing with any of the major players on the market, which addresses a very important issue every DB2 shop is currently facing - the expensive license fees and annual maintenance cost for the DB2 supporting software.

Highlights [ How JRH DB2I2 Works|| Major functions ||Uses || Technical description || System considerations]

DB2I2 line objectDB2I2 line objectDB2I2 commandreusabilityReusability

How JRH DB2I2 Works [ Highlights || Major functions || Uses || Technical description || System considerations]

JRH DB2I2 is a superset of ISPF edit command. It works just like any of the other ISPF commands. To direct JRH DB2I2 to perform a task, you need to do the following in sequence:

          File  Edit  Confirm  Menu  Utilities  Compilers  Test  Help
        EDIT       JRHJ.DB2I2.WKBENCH                               Columns 00001 00072
        Command ===> db2i2 command [command options]                    Scroll === CSR
        ****** ***************************** Top of Data ******************************
        ==MSG> /* ------------------------------------------------------------------*/
        ==MSG> /*               JRH DB2I2  DB2 Catalog Interface Tool Box           */
        ==MSG> /*                  By JRH GoldenState Software, Inc.                */
        ==MSG> /*                    (C) Copyrighted 1997,2005                      */
        ==MSG> /*                   Licensed to Evaluation Copy                     */
        ==MSG> /* DB2I2 Environment - SSID(DSN)  CONNECT( ) SYSIBM(SYSIBM)          */
        ==MSG> /* ------------------------------------------------------------------*/
        =NOTE= ** Please use 1. ISPF KEYS command to setup Hotkey for DB2I2
        =NOTE= **               F4 key is a good candidate to assign to DB2I2
        =NOTE= **            2. DB2I2 command SSID to setup DB2 Sub-System ID
        =NOTE= **            3. DB2I2 command JOBCARD to setup Jobcard
        =NOTE= **** Use DB2I2 command HELP to display any DB2I2 command Syntax
        SS.... db2i2 line objects
        SS.... db2i2 line objects


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Technical Description [ Highlights | How JRH DB2I2 Works | Major functions | Uses | System considerations]

JRH DB2I2 is a REXX Exec driven DB2 administration and application development tool which utilize ISPF Editor as the front end presentation interface and dynamic SQL calls thru Call Attach facility where ever needed to interface with your DB2 data. DB2I2 also provides you with interfaces to DB2 commands and IDCAM commands thru TSO.
You initiate a request with an added in ISPF edit macro DB2I2 and line objects (edit line prefixed with line object abbreviation. for example, TB Q.PROFILES). You have a chioce to send the output result to an default file, a specified output file, or embedded within your ISPF edit session so that you can immediately reuse the result.

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JRH DB2I2 requires the following software:


No specific requirements.

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